Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm not used to filing

The plan has adapted! Take note!: I'll be attempting to post everyday and put up at least rough working of what I've done (or at least, rough excuses of why I haven't done anything). It also means smaller posts and less rambling fluff.

But not today... Today is about catching up. Today is the midseason clip show version of this blog. And today, we recap the missing episodes of the last couple of months.

So, Imagine this in montage form. I had a job. Then due to internal industry-giant dickery I lost a job. I purchase some webspace. I get another job that's basically the boss of my old job at a different company. I put some stuff on my webpage. I buy a tiny tiny laptop. I clean my room and refile everything. I race NASCARs and fight nazis on the moon. And then, the music wells up and suddenly everything is moving in slow motion and I'm typing on this blog.

Where does this leave me now? We'll in a pretty good place actually. My new job isn't necessarily better than my old one, but it has its advantages. Considering I've basically been promoted over the course of less than a year though, I'm willing to count it as a win. My previous New Years resolution is looking a bit broken, but considering that was only part of getting a job, and here I am now all jobbed up I guess its not too bad. And I at least managed to post once per month so that's something too, right?.. Right?

Todays picture is the relative hotspots of my room at present. I figured if I was going to put so much effort into cleaning it all I should at least keep some photographic proof.

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