Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A newfound respect for Walt Disney.

Another day another ship. This is another one of the NPC ships, obviously lightning themed. Obviously blue. Obviously not greased.

Meanwhile, things have slowed down a little development wise now that I'm doing some animation. The current plan is to finish animating the player ship and at least one enemy ship, and then work on an alpha version of the game. Animation is a lot more annoying than I was planning though. At the moment, it's not so bad that I could've learnt 3D modelling in the time it's taken me to animate some 3D rotational movement, but it's definitely something I'm considering for next time.

Speaking of other things I'm considering for next time: It's taking a lot longer to get this done than I was expecting. It's really torn here between pumping out simpler one-concept, low art content apps or focusing on full proper games.  The second option is definitely what I want to be doing, but there's a reason one man teams died out in the early 90's.

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