Monday, September 5, 2011

König der Ponys

Now all of that "200 post" business has been dealt with, I can finally get around to posting the work art competition stuff that I've done in the 6 or so weeks that I haven't posted anything.

Today's theme was "Yourself as a My little pony" in a Graffiti style. Since the running joke (or secret fact) is that I'm German I decided to draw myself as that, instead of the respected, bear-fighting, billionaire-playboy-superhero I so obviously am. Then, as if to further emasculate the other competitors, I added them in as tiny stickers. Yodel-ay-he-whooo indeed.

I didn't win though, but at least I lost to someone who is a true pony fan. Besides... It's not like I can win Lead Artist every fortnight.

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