Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gotta catch 'em all!

Since work was in desperate need of another game competition for me to win, and also because childhood memories, we're having a Pokemon tournament at work. The difference between now and our childhoods though is all that experience. We're pretty much masters now. So it's only fair everyone gets a badge (and plus it gives us something to win). Who will be N3VRF4IL region's ultimate trainer?

Shaine - Lumberjack Gym
Signature move: Beardslap [Fighting] -
Slaps the enemy Pokemon so hard they instantly grow a beard, confusing them but also raising their attack power. Pokemon remains in bearded state (BRD) until your opponent uses a razor item.

Aron - Webcomic Gym
Signature move: PA Sight [Psychic] -
Enemy Pokemon is immediately presented with a Penny Arcade comic pertaining to whatever situation they're currently in, and is stunned for X turns while they trawl through the PA archives.

Alex - Jimmes Gym
Signature move: Rustle [Bug]-
Enemy Pokemon's jimmies are rustled. It's super effective. Jimmies remain rustled until the enemy Pokemon faints.

Johnny - Troll Gym
Signature move: U Mad Bro? [Dark]-
Enemy Pokemon is taunted, dealing damage and lowering its speed and strength, while your Pokemon gains speed and a perversely inflated ego. Later, everyone calls your Pokemon a dick behind your back.

Saxon - Valve Gym
Signature move: Email GabeN [Steel] -
Gabe Newell appears out of nowhere and stabs the enemy Pokemon with one of his knives. Damage depends on what knife is used. Every time this skill is used, Half Life 3 is delayed another day.

Gareth - Flava Gym
Signature move: HipHopHoliday [Grass] -
Enemy Pokemon moves to Adelaide, starts hip hop career.

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