Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mighty Hammer #1 - Rumble in the streets

So that game I was working on before the jam... This is it.

I've put up a demo of the stuff so far here:

However: While what's there works fine in the GameMaker, it's really hard to pick up the hammer when it's running in a browser... It's an odd bug but I'm sure I'll be able to work it out. In the meantime you can just rumble the ground a bunch.

The gameplay should go as such: You pick up your mighty hammer and toss it upwards, performing a bunch of random tasks (i.e. hitting stuff) before your hammer loses momentum and starts plummeting back down to earth, giving you a second chance at any targets you might have missed before. The amount of tasks you get depend on how well you manage to throw/flick the hammer at the start.

The code for picking up and measuring the hammer throw is there and works to some extent, but it doesn't feel good or controllable. I think that's probably going to have to be the first thing I improve before I start looking at the main part of the game. If I can't get it to feel better though, I do have a couple of other options;
- The super-lame but safest way to work it is to add a fluctuating "power bar" and have the player click/tap to launch the hammer, ala track and field 1980's nonsense.
- The more gimmicky but involved way would be to have players spin up the hammer by dragging their finger around in a circle a few times before throwing, ala a hammer toss.

As for the rest of the game: I have a bunch of art assets already made, but aside from that nothing else is really set in stone. I had plans to kind of make this a lot bigger and detailed, but at the moment I almost feel like I should simplify the end goal to get it done quicker, and then maybe go back to developing Scrolls of Candy into something more substantial for release.

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