Friday, April 24, 2015

Proof of Concept

Last post, I talked about my intentions of maybe doing some Youtube videos... and about how I didn't just want to make the same Let's Play/PewDiePie/MLG/screaming-into-a-microphone kind of videos that everyone is making. Now here I am, having made one of those exact videos.

This is not a prototype of things to come, just something of a proof of concept. While I'd done a tiny little bit of editing in Premiere before, I hadn't really done anything above basic cutting and exporting. I wanted to try some of the basics before jumping into anything bigger, and I had this footage recorded already, so I made the most of it. For what it's worth, tweening text and dropping in sound effects is pretty simple in Premiere, possibly simpler than it is in Flash, so it didn't take that long at all do make this. I do need to research better compression/export options though.

Also shout outs to BLAST Gaming... It's pretty much just an excuse to play random multiplayer games with guys I used to go to school with. They got some other highlight vids from some of our other nights on their own Youtube channel.

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