Tuesday, January 3, 2023

New Year, New Post

Was 2022 a bust for anyone else?

I don't keep track of how my years go, but 2022 really felt like a low point after a few years of achieving quite a lot. 

I didn't make it through the pandemic unscathed, but I did keep learning, improving and generally progressing during the lockdowns and general chaos that was the last 3 years. That sense of progression came to a halt in 2022, and with it came some other challenges that further derailed me (which I wont go into... this isn't a pity post).

I did take some steps to course-correct in the last quarter of the year, and towards the end of the year I came across the concept of "Learning In Public" (best summed up by swyx here: https://www.swyx.io/learn-in-public/). The concept was interesting to me for two reasons:
  1. It seemed like a good way to encourage myself out of my rut and back into a process of learning and continual improvement.
  2. It reminded me of what I used to do on this blog oh so many years ago (this was an all-purpose project blog after all).
So in the spirit of learning in public, I'm going to give this another try. I'm not sure if I'm going to be posting here long term, but it fits the intent for now. 

I'm also not sure if this is specifically going to be posts about learning things, or its going to be a way of sharing what I'm doing, but I'll work out it as I go.  

Similarly, a lot's changed for me since the last two posts (in 2018, four years ago) and the steadyish stream of posts before that (2015, which is wild). I've gone corporate. I'm a shill for the man. I'm a bunch of spare parts in a suit. 

In short, I sold out. 

One of my regrets from last year was that I don't do anything creative anymore. I aim to rectify that, but there's probably going to be some broader development/design content, some more business focused content, and potentially more random unrelated content that only makes sense to me. 

It's all about learning new things. It's also about trying new things. 

I have drawn a little again since the new year started, and I will also probably highlight the couple of creative things I've done that didn't make the blog. Expect that soon. Maybe. 

So, for the umpteenth time - just like the first post back in 2008... How long can I keep this up?

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