Sunday, August 29, 2010

There are going to be a lot of spaceships on this blog pretty damn soon.

So I didn't get as many done as I was hoping (damn you Starcraft!) but here's a taste. I still need to do highlights and maybe darken some of the shadows... Oh and add some colour and stuff. This will be the player's ship though. The little one should be about the size its going to be on screen (at full resolution at least).

I had planned on writing some goofy background about the ship or something but its late and I'm tired. Can you spot the anime I'm ripping off giving homage too?

Late project post ahoy.

So updates haven't been as forthcoming as I was hoping, but the wheels are in motion. I'm just making sure everything is  properly though out before I start working on stuff. This is supposed to be serious operation after all.

So I'd say at the moment, preliminary design is done. I've been spending a little too long on it I feel, but I'm now sure of enough to begin setting up the framework. I've even started on some of the graphic templates, which I may post on here before the weekend is out. Today though: A quick sketch of what's possibly going to be the main character, and an boring (but skippable) essay on character dilemmas. There is however a bonus question at the end to answer though! See you after the...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So apparently I don't do titles anymore...

...Or posts for that matter.

That changes now.

So I've had a little trouble getting started on things. I got a new system, complete with snazzy new tools... But unfortunately with that came Starcraft 2. And Fallout 3. I've managed to cut back a little though so things should be back on track.

Well they would be, but I'm having some trouble adjusting some of the new programs I'm using. It's just too much of a departure from the old stuff and I don't think it integrates with my hardware as well. I may need to do some reconsidering here.

But meanwhile, a little about PROJECT VOLTRON. I'm a little hesitant to talk about things, considering I've been so recently burnt... But really, who reads this thing anyway (aside from the spammers). So without further ado, I'm willing to reveal the following:
- It's a shoot 'em up set in space, with a strong 80's space hero anime feel.
- I'm aiming at releases on PC, Mac, iPod and iPad.
- I'm totally going to get it done, dammit.

Today's picture was supposed to be a warm-up sketch, but I had so much trouble working out what to do it soon became the only thing I did tonight. Not entirely happy with it, but my optimistic side would say at least it's a start and I can only go up from here. My optimistic side is a passive aggressive bastard.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ok.... So it's a little late. I've been busy.

But this metaphorical 40' I'm tipping out goes to Drew, a comrade in arms taken from us and the blogs all too soon. Without him around, I no longer have a blog rival, and I feel I'm a lessor man because of it.

(I know his blogs continued now elsewhere, but it's just not the same :P)

So meanwhile, having entirely failed at my last reinvention almost a month ago now... what's going to happen here now?

The answer: We've come full circle. Due to ... uh... "certain circumstances" that "happened" things have changed (yet again) and so now, I'm happy to say this blog is turning back into the project blog it was always meant to be! Exciting and cryptic! Yay!

Never-the-less, I'm still a little unsure what exactly is going to go up here, but I will be aiming for at least something every week. Lastly, as proof I am actually doing something (anything), I've given the project a codename. So be prepared to be wowed (or at least moderately perturbed) by...