Monday, October 27, 2008

The hollowest of victories...

I wanted to have something to put up today, I really did... But the weekend didn't go as planned, and neither did tonight. The stuff I did do I'd rather leave attributed to anonymous, or in the case of tonight, pretend like I wasn't chasing my tail for hours on end to nearly no avail. But I'm too sweet (based on average daily sugar consumption) to be so bitter, so lets assess the mess.

The plan was to go back and tidy up some things I'd left semi-broken from before. I got to the T-shirt browser, promptly broken it even more, and then spent the rest of the night trying to work out what kind of state I was in when I first wrote it. The end result is that it's a little more solid, but there's not much new visible things.

Admitted, I did do a fair proportion of dicking about as well... But it's Monday after all and work was a drain. Everyone needs a little time to unwind.

Also I burnt the crap out of my right hand thumb. Wasn't fun. I briefly considered taking some photos of it and putting it up as 'body art', but I think I'll wait until it forms a nice puffy blister.

So how can I do better tomorrow? How can I get back in the groove and start 'pumping out the jams' with the 'vicious ferocity' of a 'mountain lion on fire'? How can I not make the same mistakes I made tonight?

Oven mitts.

Also, please go check out Rate my lasagne. James is a very lonely guy and needs all the support he can get.

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