Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I didn't announce I put the site up?

... Looks like today is an easy post for me then!

I put the site up.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand on the site admittedly there's not much there at the moment, but I'm adding new stuff regularly and building momentum until somehow I become some kind of unstoppable internet force. So at the moment:
-There's my first game Capitalist to play (emulated from the Amiga 500).
-There's this t-shirt browser thing I did.
-There's basic functionality.
-There's a forum (with nothing happening in it).
-There's a wiki (also with nothing happening in it).
-There's a secret hidden easter egg.

Anyway... check it all out here.

Also, hello to my first commenter that I don't actually know! To be honest I'm taking it with a grain of salt as I'm sure you're just a bot and you're just going to start spamming me with investment offers... But I dunno, even that would be kind of special. I'm promoting you to my "No. 1 fan" position.

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