Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little by little... Bit by bit...

Good news... I've been busy. Bad news... It's been with nothing to do with this blog. And some of it has been to do with playing games. And a lot of it has nothing to with anything.

But let's not focus on the irrelevant any more than we have to. So work is pretty busy, since we are leading up to releasing this week (I still don't know if I should talk about what it is we've been working on... It's not like this blog will gain us any sales anyway :P). Naturally, after a hard days work I'd prefer to come home and not do anything too taxing. Luckily, that's where new games come in. I should really write about them sometime... but not tonight. Maybe something about why Rockband is better than Guitar Hero or something.

I've done a little bit more of this thing to the left. So I thought i'd put it up. Obviously, still not that impressive.

OH... and its just occured to me its missing background details... oops.

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