Monday, November 3, 2008

You're just lucky you're family Esta...

I totally forgot that I promised my sister another t shirt design thing, so that's what I've been hitting tonight.

This ones for her champion lawn bowls team, the newly named 'Kitty lickers'.

I pretty happy with the ball (or kitty, if you will...) so far, but it's gotten way too late and I haven't had time to finish off the kitty (or cat, if you will...). Not that I'm sure I'm happy with the cat yet... I mean, there is only so many ways you can draw a ball with facial features and a tongue, but there is many more ways to draw a cat (and skin it for that matter).

So I guess this is the point for audience participation... Obviously the cat is going to be bigger and match the style of the ball, but... Should I continue down my current path, drawing a slight disgusted/angry kitty, or should I draw some kind of sexy/suggestive kitty who enjoys a good licking? Furthermore, does that make me some kind of furry if I draw the latter? And just how the hell do you draw a suggestive cat? Why does everything my sister wants me to draw involve massive tongues? Only you can decide in this bizarre twisted tale of choose your own (mis) adventure.

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