Friday, May 1, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, my new schedule is hell on energy. 4hrs of travel, 3 days a week is pretty rough on the creative juices. I think what I'll be doing is taking it easy those nights and then work on the other ones.

It's not all bad- there's an hour train ride in there that I have my laptop for, so I've finally been in the position to start writing some stuff down.

So the image you see to the left is the last piece of concept art I think I can safely show... Coincidentally it's also the first one I did. Since I was rushing, I was still trying to work out a style at the same time. It looks a little bland compared to the other ones I did. I briefly considered making a few little changes before I put it up here, but why bother really?

The website is still coming along, but its stalled at the moment since I have more extracurricular work to do at the moment. I've got to finish that first, which I did a fair amount of tonight, so hopefully I might be able to get a little headway done for the website by the time this long weekend is over. The art is mostly done, I just need to begin breaking it up and then putting it back together.

This has been the most interesting post EVER.

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