Sunday, June 21, 2009

Robot Rock

Those of you playing at home will notice that there's been a few minor changes over at the main site. I've actually properly implemented the php, so now I just have to make a couple more quick menu assets. Oh... and get around to finalizing that template. Oh... and maybe putting up some stuff.

The picture to the left is a thing that may have relation to stuff I may be doing next, in a very cryptic way. Obviously, there's a robot. As I was drawing it, I began to realise it looked a little X-men Sentinally. Later on, I realised the colour scheme was the same as Eva-1 in Neon Genesis. In honor of this, I have decided to name him Sevat1nal.

So what else is new? Everything thing is about to get very very busy. And it's probably only going to get more so. I'll have to reconsider a lot of what I want to do and prioritize. Also, I'll need to find a way to make better use of the time I have. Since I always seem to have so much time during the week on the train, this may mean more texty posts, since my lappy is hopeless for arty stuff.

So once again, it all comes down to discipline, something I seem to be sorely lacking. I think I need to go on some kind on spiritual adventure of self-discovery. Maybe find out what my spirit animal is. Except in a way that sounds a little less dirty.


  1. I thought I was going to have bragging rights this morning for having done blog posts, but alas no. Yay for us constantly posting now.

  2. no no. I'm not kicking your ass yet. You drew this from the top of your head. I had to search the next for a picture I liked.