Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stompy Fantasy 2: Robot Chronicles

So I was watching this TED talk about solving the worlds problems by playing game, which can be found here. Now I agree up to a point (and that point is most of  second part of the of the talk), and sure, she repeatedly uses the phrase "Epic Win" with all seriousness many many times, but it's still an interesting watch.

But what I take most from it is the unquenchable need to level up. "Epic wins" are great and all, but I want the feedback. I want to ding. I want the final fantasy victory music at frequent intervals.

Considering there's sadly no in-world infrastructure in place to handle that, I've made my own status sheet. It should be available over at my website sometime soonish. I've tried to be as accurate as possible there, but really... Assessing one's attributes  accurately is a tough thing to do.

Speaking of the website: I've actually gotten around to updating it for a change. I dont think there's anything new there that hasn't been here already, but still. Also, I'm not 100% happy with the layouts, but the way I've made it will make it easy to change around stuff later on. So don't panic.

Hopefully I can keep that momentum up.

Also, just back to the video again: The problem I see with her approach is that it's still a bit too edu-tainmenty, and unfortunately, you'll never reach any kind of large audience like that. You can learn things from games, even when you're not expecting it, but it works best when you don't know you're learning anything. Not that I've had any indepth looks at their stuff or anything though...

Also... does anyone know why it's not doing columns next to pictures anymore? :S


  1. wow her idea is really cool. I watched her video. Thanks for posting it.

    Best wishes

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