Thursday, September 23, 2010

Follow the arrows - They'll show you where to go...

So as mentioned before: The player's ship, plus decals.

I originally struggled with this a little... Some of the designs for the NPC ships have come pretty naturally because I want them to tie in with the characters traits/themes. Because I hadn't fully decided on what I wanted the main character to be (see previous discussion) I didn't want to impose a theme on the ship, nor did i want to enforce too stiff a personality. I didn't want to leave it blank though, nor did I want to entirely rip off Robotech/Macross, so I thought about functionality... and the only thought I had was:

"Well the ships heading that way, may as well point that out... I guess... :S"

And so there you have it. It started out as some goofy big block arrow and I sexed it up from there. Co-incidentally, I then decided to use arrows more in the character design too, just for the sake of consistency.

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