Monday, September 27, 2010

Rule #63

For those of you who don't follow (warning, you will get sidetracked) check here.

So this is the female variant of the main character... I'm not 100% happy with her, but hey- When am I ever? It's more than enough for the moment though.

I had also planned of having a background story for these two (well... one unisex story at least) done by now but I still can't decide whether I want them to be cybernetic monkey repair persons (as needed by cyber-circuses, for example) that just happen to be pretty handy in a space jet, or trans-dimensional werewolves that only look like people in our dimension but use their incredible were-powers to be ace pilots.

Admittedly, it's probably going to be neither, but I'd just like to shotgun both of those origin stories for some other game down the line regardless.

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