Monday, November 1, 2010

Hi! My name is...

...Don or Dana (or Daria) Darling (depending on what gender the player chooses/how I feel at the time)

Due to an administrative error, what was supposed to be a draft of the famous flying ace D. Daring, resulting in mild-mannered accountant/furniture salesperson/professional gamer (once again, depending on how I feel at the time) D. Darling being drafted instead.

The purpose of such a backstory is two-fold: 1) So it doesn't seem stupid that a world famous fighter ace has to have the controls/ship details/back story fed to them, as well as making it not odd should the player absolutely suck. And 2) Allow the characters some personality to bounce off of each other. Sure, we could have the player as a grizzled old vet, but I'd rather save that for an NPC (who can actually fly like a hero). It's not exactly a tough (or seemingly important) decision, but I guarantee it'll improve the overall vibe of the game. Look at something like Monkey Island for an example of what I'm after.

So in other news:
- I need to change the eyes for the Female variant because every time I look at them it makes me feel stupid (although I don't feel so bad about it when she's shrunk down).
- I also need to have some kind of startup/cool-down animation for the launch of the evasive move, but that shouldn't take too long.
- I'm currently working on a base level enemy. When that's done, I'll do some basic shooting animation (as simple as possible) AND THEN I'm going to start on an engine demo.
- It is too damn good a time for gaming at the moment. That is all.

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