Monday, January 17, 2011

A belated Merry Christmas and a Batty New Year.

Happy new year! How the bloody hell are you?!

I figure I've left long enough of a gap to make a proper, stylishly late entrance.

So, in the 2 months absence, the following things have happened to/around me:
- I didn't finish Project Voltron.
- I got a promotion.
- I got a new car.
- I moved to the Gold Coast.
- I almost touched a rhino.

I believe all of this adequately sums up why I haven't posted anything during that time.

Meanwhile, its a new year, so what better time to review my previous resolutions! I'm not going to re-do my bar-graphs... so text ahoy.
- I'm now officially a Game Designer. One of the first things I'll be doing is level design, which is what John Romero started doing, plus I'll be developing new IPs. So thats a tick and an increase in the first column. I'll possibly concede some of that increase because I'm yet to have a beautiful jet black mane to back up my design skills. Similarly, for reasons I can't disclose I'm also "known" in some of the right circles, so I'm totally taking that as a tick too.
- I'm getting better with the drawing. Marvel and/or DC are still being coy, but I know they just like to play hard to get... That's no tick for that resolution. However, I do think I'm improving, and I can draw hands and feet, so I'm totally increasing my rank in the second column to some place above Rob Liefeld. I will have to take away some points for repeated lack of unnecessary pouches and belts. I guess thats something to improve on this year.
- I've listened to music. And I played a fair bit of Rock Band and DJ Hero. Half-hearted tick.
- Ok.. Realistically...While I have been going to the gym and such, I would still make a pretty poor Batman. Plus, I totally failed to stop any crime this last year. No tick. However, I've seen Adam West in tights and I think I can compete. Plus I do a pretty competent Batusi.

So... What are my resolutions going to be this year? I haven't really thought about it yet. Do you have any ideas? Let me know! I'm lazy!

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