Friday, July 15, 2011

More like "Cliche Fighter IV"

So the art challenge this week was "Zombie vs. Pirate vs. Ninja vs. Werewolf vs. Alien vs. Russian", in the style of Street Fighter 4 ink splatter. Due to much complaining from the rest of the artists at work, this was then cut down to "your choice of three". I'm such a bad-ass through I did all of them and threw in a robot for good measure.

Alas, I didn't win this week (although I swear I was the closest to the actual style) but I only really had 2 days to work on it, as opposed to everyone else's 2 weeks.

In other news: This is post #199! Whatever am I going to do for post #200?!? MYSTERY.

I know my posting habits have been fairly lax/erratic the last month or so... but there may be a delay before can do anything suitably awesome to commemorate it properly.

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