Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zug Zug.

So, once upon a time I did a bunch of art for a game that never really happened. Many tears were shed, but such is the way sometimes. Imagine my surprise then, when one of the games our interns are working on is using my art... Mixed emotions for sure.

I never really finished that art though... at the time the thought of animating the Ogre attack seemed way too daunting. However, if it's actually going into a game, I may as well finish it off... As it turns out, remembering the brush types I used over a year ago was tougher than doing the animation, even if it is a little wonky. It shouldn't matter though... He'll be a such a small size and moving so quickly it probably wont be notice. Also, he'll probably be on fire.

Also: Yay, did something that's not all text, for a change. May as well make a post for it.

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