Monday, July 23, 2012

Grey maps are going to clear up, put on a happy face.

Although this isn't a thing for me, I figure if I have to do overtime for it, it's fair game to go up here. Plus, at least it's something I actually want to do for a change. This, plus a few other things are the reason the website still hasn't gotten finished. I always kind of knew it wasn't going to be something I'd just do and be happy with, so I'm thinking it's just going to have to be something that develops over time because I really need to get a move on with things. So huzzah for that.

Other reasons why the website hasn't got finished:
- Other things related to this map that aren't capable of being displayed in picture form.
- The Steam sales.
- Max Payne 3.
- Dear Esther.
- The Dark Knight Rises.
- Family things.
- Barry Morgan's "The touch of you".