Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Day 1 - New Years Resolutions...

...Or how I'm going to fail *this* time.

So things have gotten a bit ridiculous, and I really need to start actually doing something with my life. I'm not really the type to try, let alone keep, a new years resolution, but I think now is the time. My resolution is as such:

Post on this blog everyday, and try to include something I've done today.

Now I know it's a pretty unrealistic goal to have something good up everyday, so I'm also going to include half finished stuff. At least that will give a little bit of a running development. It's also not going to be easy at the moment either, considering I'm in the middle of finding a house and moving.

I'm still not sure how I should write this either. I'm tossing up between writing it like a personal diary or writing it as entertainment for other people to read. I guess I'll work it out as I go along.

Anyway, Post for today is a Big Stompy Robots proto-logo. I'm still not entirely happy with it, but it does look pretty much as I envisioned it. The robot design was supposed to be like Mazinger Z crossed with Giant Robo, but it still looks a little Megaman-ish.

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