Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 11 - What happens when you lose everything?..

...Or You start again, you start all over again...

Soooo this year has gotten off to a pretty bad start. Everything keeps breaking on me and I'm suddenly in debt again. My resolution has been broken (thanks James, winky-smiley-face) before I'd even reached a week and my plan to get somewhere with my life has stalled. I can't even post old stuff since my comp is currently unpowerable, a casualty of the move.

So I've spent the last couple of days taking stock of what I don't have anymore, which is fine, but it doesn't get me anywhere. I've gotta start thinking about what I still have, and what I can still do.

Since this blog is supposed to be somewhat involved with computer games, I think I should maybe try and look at it from that kind of position, and hopefully I'll get some clarity from it.

So, basically:

Someone hit reset, and my save game corrupted. I lost all my cool power ups and have to start waaaay back at the first level. I now have to play through all the missions again, gaining my old power ups as I go along and possibly unlocking a few secrets I missed on the first play through. Eventually I'll get back to the save point again, and hopefully get past it, and onto the glorious endgame content.

Well, when its put like that it's not so bad. Just like playing Metroid or something. I'll be rolling around shooting missles in no time.

Pic is courtesy of Mspaint on Mrs. Watkins' computer. I told you all my power ups are gone :S. Also, for some reason, formatting doesn't seem to work properly on this comp, so bear with me.

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