Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Infinite Canvas Cast Pic

Just scrounging through my documents folders and I found this picture. At one point last year I was participating in this online comic jam (lots of artists working together in an unorganised fashion) at The WebComic List. It was a pretty successful thing too, we actually ended up getting past 100 separate strips. So as a celebration of that 100 comic milestone, I drew this massive cast picture, and also decided to color it as well (it was the first time I'd colored something I'd scanned in).

I think it turned out pretty well... Theres too many people to mention, and I've forgotten most of their names anyway but if you did wanna check out what it was all about, check this thread here. Sadly, a lot of the comics are now missing (including mine), since people probably lost their online space. There was an archive of it, but that's no longer their either.

Coincidentally, I ended up submitting this one 14 strips late, so it was originally 114, but because I also put a fake one before it, its was really 115. So hooray for the failure there :P

Also, I was going to try and stick to a Tuesday/Thursday update schedule, but I felt guilty about a somewhat crappy and rushed post. Plus, I guess if I can post more, I probably should...

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