Monday, March 24, 2008

Kung Fu Killers- ATTACK!

So... I got commissioned to do this pic today... But since I'm getting a whopping ZERO dollars for it I figure I can do what I want with it. So here it is, an update for today.

Other news.... I've been thinking about stuff, and to me, trying to get into games development, maybe I should be thinking more about, you know... making games. So I think I've gotta organize some kind of schedule and limit myself to certain things until they are done. I mean, Virtual House counts as a game.... but to a casual observer it wouldn't look like one (and thats what I'm aiming for) but I don't think people would get it unless it looked and played like a game. I think thats something I've gotta take into account. I'm all for making games that are "more than the game", or making games that are different form the normal but I think the gaming industry, particularly in the state that they are in now, just wouldn't get it.

So anyway, working out a schedule. One short comic and one game at a time. Sort my time out so I'm not just working on the comic in my lunch break in my car at work. Also, update virtual house at some regular interval (or indeed, get it up somewhere first). For those playing at home, the comic at the moment is "Johnny Lovebaby Buys The Farm", and the game is yet un-named, but I've got an idea and I'll probably elaborate on it next post (also, somewhat related to todays pic. Kind of).

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  1. What's with this new organised and action orientated gareth? It makes no sense!!

    And regular blog updates?!