Monday, August 4, 2008

Boring post Monday

I had meant to have something better and more interesting go this post, but things got out of hand... and other things came along (*cough* No more heroes *cough cough*) so I was forced to rely on something I'd already done.

I mean, I was planning on using this eventually, but since I already did a map post a few posts ago I felt I should mix it up a little. Maybe I'll do an extra post this week or something, but right now it was more important to actually make a post.

So here is my second map for CnC: Generals.... Crater. It's not really a map I would've considered making myself, it's only really because a friend of mine wanted a massive map with a ridiculous amount of resources. I couldn't willing just make a big flat map though, so instead I made a big depression. All the map is passable, so there is no choke points or anything like that. I felt I had to add something, so I put a bunch of derricks in the centre and and a few on the outskirts of the bases, so at least there are some soft targets to go for at the start of the game, but considering the stupid amount of resources available theres really no need for them. Well... accept maybe as a perimeter monitor.

This is also the first map I added AI waypoints for. It was a lot easier than I expected.

The really funny part is that we wont even get a decent game out of this map, since these big ones where you build mass units always seem to lead to early deref nulls. Oh well..

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