Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jumpin' Jack Flash (It's a gas gas gas)...

Day 2 in the saga: I fixed up the centre a little more... I tried having white highlights around the knot but it didn't look that great so I settled with what I had and then just tied up so of the stray lines left around. I was happy enough with it so I moved on to phase 2.

This was the annoying part, since I switched to another program so I could get everything the right size. Apparently the Tshirt place needs an A3 sized thing at 300 dpi. Anyway, I had to use a different program, so I took the tongue from flash and went about doing the words in Fireworks. The arc of words wasn't as hard as I'd previously imagined, but I experienced a fair bit of difficulty adding new fonts, so I had to settle with what I've got here. They'll change before the final shot though.

The last issue was that it wouldn't let me save...:S I imagine that it was because the file was too big, but whatever... I managed to at least export this jpg, so all was not lost.

Tomorrow... I'll probably start work on the back, or maybe iron out the last few things with this.

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