Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I can't get no satisfaction.

My attempt to make up for last week is as follows:
I'm pretty sure I have something thats going to keep me working pretty much every night this week, so every night, I'm going to post what I've worked on, whether its finished or just an update. This is in no way going to be my new plan (although I think maybe my plan needs some tweaking), but it's just going to be until I feel comfortable making up for dropping the ball. It's like punishment :P

So projecto numero uno is something my sister asked me to do, and then I forgot about it, but then got reminded. Her speech pathology buddies are going on a pub crawl and she wanted the make sure they had the 'Bestest Pub Crawl Shirts Ever'(tm) so naturally, she turned to her talented and totally not overworked (and currently pretty sick) brother. I naturally obliged, even though I wont get anywhere near the pub crawl, or the speech pathology girls (as they are all in Adelaide) (and mostly taken) because that's just the kind of hero I am. I hero who does things for people over the internet.

So anyway, Esther's given me the basic design... I've started, and mostly finished the logo for the front. They work with speech defects so its supposed to look kind of tongue tied. I'm not too happy with the knot in the centre.. the whole outlining thing doesn't match the rest of the logo and the mass of dark lines doesn't work either, but it's enough for me to happily retire for the night.

Seeing as this is the only thing that really has a deadline, expect me to be knocking over this before moving on to other things later in the week. See you tomorrow!

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