Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ok.... So it's a little late. I've been busy.

But this metaphorical 40' I'm tipping out goes to Drew, a comrade in arms taken from us and the blogs all too soon. Without him around, I no longer have a blog rival, and I feel I'm a lessor man because of it.

(I know his blogs continued now elsewhere, but it's just not the same :P)

So meanwhile, having entirely failed at my last reinvention almost a month ago now... what's going to happen here now?

The answer: We've come full circle. Due to ... uh... "certain circumstances" that "happened" things have changed (yet again) and so now, I'm happy to say this blog is turning back into the project blog it was always meant to be! Exciting and cryptic! Yay!

Never-the-less, I'm still a little unsure what exactly is going to go up here, but I will be aiming for at least something every week. Lastly, as proof I am actually doing something (anything), I've given the project a codename. So be prepared to be wowed (or at least moderately perturbed) by...


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