Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Slide in next to me

Part 2 of the "update the website" thing I started a couple of posts back. Originally I had just thought about using screenshots for the slider, but since all the games I've made so far have been different resolutions, it didn't quite work out. What I've ended up doing is re-purposing the sprites from the game and rearranging them into something that represents the game, but also fits the same common frame. They're still not the best they could be, but they're a step up from what I had before and I'm happy enough with them for now.

Ok... Soooooo... Since I started typing this, I've actually begun to doubt that using a slider is the right way to go here. Sliders are kind of the norm these days, but I can (and should) do more. I know using the slider is easy, and it makes it simple to update things as well, but wouldn't it be cooler if this was just some kind of game instead? Nothing major, just maybe a little guy that can run around and dodge stuff, or a shoot'em up or something. That way I can also keep the "slider" in line with the rest of the site, as opposed to having to wrangle it in a way that makes it fit in enough.

Well... may as well get to it. I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway...

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