Friday, May 8, 2015

So why don't you slide?

Taking a decent screenshot while trying to show off something that moves is a little tricky and often ends up with something that looks confusing and/or generally shit, as demonstrated above. How about you just check out where it's at here.

I had thought this would only really take a day or two, and that's mostly true... It's not finished yet but I'll probably have it done and up by tomorrow, barring any unforeseen life problems. My plan here was to keep it as simple as possible, and I have deviated from that somewhat, but I'm focusing on making it present better, rather than be an interesting game. Mechanically, everything up to the fail state/moving-out-of-window-and-abandoning-the-game is done, but there are a few specific things still on the to-do list. By the time anyone reads this they'll probably be fixed, but maybe for my own sake I'll write them down here:

To do:
- Draw and add in the sprites (Still a little undecided on the player sprite, but it'll probably be a little robot head. I'm going to do a different enemy for each slide, based on something specific to the game. A jellybean for Scrolls of Candy, the running man logo for Apex Diver, etc).
- Gameplay messages that appear at the start of a round/end of a round/when the game loses the mouse.
- Handling the player moving the mouse out of the slider, eventually transforming it back to slider mode.
- Highscore tracking (per session).
- Having the "more info" buttons link to the correct pages.
- Kill the powerups if they move out of window.

That will probably be it. Aside from the sprite work that's maybe a couple extra hours of work. There is so much more stuff that I could (and want to do) but I don't want to go overboard at the expense of not finishing the website or working on CannonPaul. So the following are maybes, but not probably not until a month or two down the line
- Sound effects (as long as they're not too obtrusive).
- "Cycle to the next slide" buttons.
- Scaling support for smaller desktops/mobile (Went to so much trouble ensuring the gameplay design would work for touchscreens, but the size of slider is too big for most displays. Go me).
- Permanently tracked highscores.

Then there's the big things that probably wont be getting done anytime soon, but maybe I'll give in and and do sometime... Rather than just have each slide be a shoot 'em up, I think it would be awesome if each slide played differently, like a super simple version of each game. Apex diver would become an endless runner, jumping at the right time to avoid obstacles. Shogun Assassin would have you move the mouse around and click to slash enemies that run in from the side. ASCII Bird would just be Flappy Bird, etc.

Anyway, that's enough star gazing for one night. Next post: Totally a completed website front page.

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