Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm wearing my digital smock.

I only managed to do the dark colour pass tonight... Mainly due to the hair, but also because that tutorial's part for doing the shadows was basically: "Add the dark colours to the mid colours". Very helpful.

It took me a while to work out a way to get the skin shadows looking right. I started out just assuming I'd do something similar to the mid tones; block colours\no passing over sections. I couldn't get that to work so I ended up going back to my old ways. But that looked like ass too. Eventually I figured I should be using the eraser to soften/tidy murky colours and everything kind of fell into place.

The hair was still murder though... I also now regret lining soo much of the hair- big black lines look good in line art, but not when they are in the middle of colour. Lesson learned.

Also, to all you haters out there... Watchmen was pretty good after all. Don't get me wrong, it's not for everyone (Alan Moore for example) and there was a few changes and omissions that made me a little sad inside (and totally changed some of the themes in the comic), but there was no way anyone could fit all of Watchmen into 3 hours. I'll probably write a post about it some time in the immediate future, If I ever get past the Noras...

In keeping in the spirit of Nora Zehetner spoiler week, in movie "Beneath" Nora plays 'Claire' a girl haunted by an accident that left her older sister horribly disfigured. The sister eventually dies of a heart attack, but it turns out shes not really dead after all. She's just been living in some cellar. Then the sister's daughter stabs her and kills her.

(also... Something weird happened when I exported as a JPEG... some of the shadows look a little dusty :S)

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