Sunday, March 8, 2009


My plan for the weekend was to go through a few photoshop tutorials and learn how to properly use it, instead of the regular "use one tool and make the most of it" approach I normally apply.

Unfortunately, nothing ever truly goes to plan... Things happened on Saturday... and then I had to spend most of Sunday reclaiming my computer back from a bout of the spywares (there's still something going on where windows will loose focus every 20 seconds... very annoying). Eventually I decided to get on with it and try a couple of tutorials.

I was looking at absolute beginner tutorials originally... but they weren't really teaching me much so I ended up searching random tutorials til I came to Melissa Clifton's site. I started with a line art tutorial, since I use it a lot and really needed to learn how to use the path tool. Then I wanted to pick something else I could do with what I already had... So I gave the pop art tute a whirl as well.

I think the line art pic turned out alright, but I'm not totally pleased with the pop art one... It looks OK in it's shrunken state, but viewing it at full size is pretty ugly. I was going to just put up that one, but then at the end I was pissy that all the lines I drew in the hair were barely visible, so I put up the line art as well. I may give just the line art a proper paint later.

The model is Nora Zehetner, the actress who played Laura in Brick... She can steal my brick of herion anytime, if you get my drift. (Oh- MASSIVE SPOILERS).

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