Thursday, March 12, 2009

That's about enough of that.

Web browsers are weird. After I put up the picture last night I noticed that it didn't quite look right. The colours were a little off and the shadows looked a little patchy.

When I uploaded this one tonight, I was worried the same thing was going to happen. Surely enough, it did... For some reason these images look a lot less vibrant when looking at them through a browser. Downloading them and viewing them in say, Windows picture viewer shows the correct colours as they appeared in photoshop.

I dunno what the deal is... It'll just have to do for now.

I think this will do for this picture. I've added the lighter colors and details, and I think it looks alright. There's a couple of things I wish I knew before (I wouldn't have outlined so much of the lips for instance), but I guess knowing is half the battle after all. I might try banging out something Watchmen related with the next tutorial I do... Or I'll do a sketch or something... Just so I can write a hefty post about it.

So, to end Nora Zehetner week here on the Stompy blog; One last spoiler.

Of the 12 movies Nora has been in so far, 4 have started with the letter B, meaning there is a 33% chance her next movie will start with the letter B also.

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