Monday, July 27, 2009

All Good Chefs have Burns...

I burnt the crap out of one of my fingers, which meant that I couldn't do what I was planning tonight. Since I was down to one hand I thought I'd just doodle something on my wacom instead. What I thought I'd do is draw a chef with his hand on fire. That doodle eventually became Akuma, and has lead to my desire to see a fairly unlikely cross-over: Capcom vs. Black Books.

Can Fran and Chun Li make it through an entire bottle of wine without breaking out into a fight? Will Blanka ever stop stealing Manny's Hawaiian shirts? Will Akuma put up with Bernard's dour ways, or will he perform the Shun Goku Satsu?

Other Capcom cross-overs I'd like to see:
-Capcom Vs. Trainz.
-Capcom Vs. Archie Comics.
-Capcom Vs. The Mountain.
-Capcom Vs. Larry Flint.
-Capcom Vs. Woodstock: The Dream Concert Never Ends.
-Capcom Vs. Piracy: An animated guide to copyright law.

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