Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Stompy Variety and Cabaret Hour.

In an effort to keep up the apparent rivalry between my blog and Drew's (He is the Ken to my Ryu), I've been considering what I can do about this blog to keep up the pace. I unfortunately don't get the chance to do stuff at work, usually because I'm kinda a little busy working. Furthermore, anything I do at work is officially property of the company and that includes ideas and thoughts. Naturally, I try to think as little as possible at work.

So anyway, my days mid-week are massive drains. I'm tired of pushing out rushed things for the purpose of getting out a post, but I'd still like to post as much as possible. Sure, I can sketch on the train on the way in to work, it's way too bumpy on the way home to do anything. What I can do is type though, so I imagine what I'm going to start doing is maybe re-occurring column-style-glossy-magazine-topical-nonsense posting. And by that I don't mean trash (hopefully) I mean interesting things (also hopefully).

I've been thinking for a while I should really be testing all of my skills as it stands with BSR. I'm not just about the drawing. I'm about writing. I'm about sound. I'm about volleyball. I'm about a lot of things. So this isn't going to be like posting personal stories about what I did on the weekend and what I'm going to wear to the prom; I'm going to try and keep it relevant. What I need to do is learn to be more opinionated, pick my beliefs, stick to them and savage people who don't agree with me. I'm mainly talking in regards to video game design, etc, of course. Mainly. But look at the post that's got me the most comments so far, the one where I cry at Hollywood for ruining Max Payne. Sure, one of those posts was mine but I'm still counting it. All the famous video game designers are bastards. John Romero want's you to suck it down. Cliffy B demands to not be called Cliffy B anymore. Ron Gilbert's stance against April fools day is both legendary and terrifying. Sure Sid Meier was relatively placid but the man's an encyclopedia. He defines bastardry (cue rimshot).

So what does this mean for this blog really. It probably means more blogs where I get obsessed about stuff for weeks at a time, which I know Drew hates, but fuck him... I hate circles and there has been a hell of a lot of circles in his last couple of posts and you don't hear me complaining...

(I'm sorry circles, you know I love you... You're so round and shapely... Please take me back.)

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