Wednesday, July 1, 2009



I just had his as a black and white sketch, but then I considered that the last couple of items so I gave it a quick colour. Also, I learnt a way to quickly turn sketches into line art which is pretty awesome.

So, I sketched this on the train as well. For some reason the ride out to Helensvale seems a lot smoother than the ride back into the city, so that will be something to consider when I get around to organising myself.

Meanwhile I've come up with the following areas I think I need the most practise with. Can you spot anything I may have missed?
-Hands and Feet
-Punching through tree and rock
-Meditating under waterfalls

My first challenge will be trying to paint like a French art nouveau fashion designer from the 60's though. It's a complicated situation...

In other news: Street Figther 4 is finally out on PC! FUCK YES.

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