Monday, July 13, 2009

King of the Iron Fist

In my legendary quest for regular posting, I've been trying to come up with ideas for weekly posts. As mentioned before, I was thinking about adopting a column-style "post of the day" type thing. Hopefully then I might be able to stay more on target. I have a feeling what I'll be doing is just trying a bunch of different stuff and then seeing what sticks.

I haven't committed to anything yet, because commitment is scary, but today I'm trying out a "Character of the week" type thing. Basically, I take one of the ideas I have for a comic/video game/thing and sketch up a character from it. This also has the double purpose of being able to fill up my ideas folder with character sketches and stuff. Everyone wins.

I'm not sure what else I'll be talking about, since I dunno if I wanna give away too much information. Not only because I deathly fear intellectual theft but also because I deathly fear that a lot of my ideas are dumb.

So this guy is... Well... Currently nameless. I did think of a name a while I was sketching this but I forgot to write it down. It's not important for the moment. He's the leader of a small group of cyberpunks, and basically the tank of the group. His metal arm is able to produce various explosive attacks. He's also a sarcastic bastard, quick to temper and enjoys gardening. The game I was thinking about him for is also currently nameless.

I wasn't aiming for him to look like anything else in particular, but looking at him now I can see so many little influences. It's not that big a deal since the game idea was supposed to be pretty referential, but see how many you can see and then compare them to mine for prizes!
-The whole thing seems very Cowboy Bebop, especially the mechanical arm.
-The hair and body shape seem a lot like Yashiro from King of the Fighters.
-The colour scheme is similar to Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear.
-It's retarded, but I can't really see a red singlet and not think of Duke Nukem.
-The two belts (one superfluous) is a little new Final Fantasy-ish. Although this one was kinda intentional. Probably should've put more zippers on him though.

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