Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You are my Final Fantasy.

By popular demand a couple of my friends asked me to do JRPG characters for them too. So I did.

I didn't just want to post them boringly standing around, so I decided to make a battle scene for them. When I asked them who we should be battling, their responses were "France" and "A couple of jocks?"

I was planning on compromising, and drawing us battling "A couple of Jacques..." (presumably Cousteau and Villeneuve) but then I thought: "What the hell... why not draw something that actually happened?" So I illustrated that time the Eiffel Tower gained sentience and it was up to us to stop it... With our goddamn fists.

Regular readers may be able to spot James, who already has a game made about him (effectively making this either a sequel or a spin off) and Drew, who has also popped up on this blog a few times before. I believe this is the first appearance of Vic however, with his Leather Kilt of badassedness, but he doesn't read my blog so it doesn't really matter.

So if we were in a JRPG, what would our strength and weaknesses be?

-Strength: Can use "Remember" skill to remember what parameters he set the enemies to have, since he made the damn game (acts like Scan)
-Weakness: Susceptible to Drunkeness (Confusion and Poison combined!)

-Strength: You win more money in battles (although most of it will only be able to be used to buy more equipment for James).
-Weakness: Susceptible to Blindness (i.e. Darkness)

-Strength: Fanatical devotion to Apple Products (Drew gains a bonus for using Apple Products).
-Weakness: Fanatical devotion to Apple Products (Drew can only use Apple products... Of which there are about 4, and they aren't as powerful or useful as other weapons)

-Strength: ANGER.
-Weakness: Low ceilings.

About the picture: As I said before, I drew the people just standing in white space, so I thought I'd draw an enemy and a background too. This took WAAAAY longer than I as expecting (stupid cross beams) so by the time I got to the background I could not care anymore. Also, since for some crazy reason I was working in MSPaint I didn't really think about placement too much since I didn't have layers. And now it looks like I'm hovering or something.

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