Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I think it's time we blow this scene...

No.3 of 3. I figured it was about time to have a little colour again, so hasty (but appropriate) colouring go! Also I went back and fixed up a couple of things on Spike and Jet that were bugging me. The End.

Something about the Lost finale reminded me of the ending of Cowboy Bebop, so I went back and watched them all again, having been a few years at least since the last time I had. While on the surface there's nothing really in common between the shows, thematically they are quite similar. Plus they both extremely good at manipulating viewers emotions. It's something I'd like to get into at some point, but not tonight because it's too late for that.

Next: Something non-Cowboy Bebop?

EDIT: My attempt at drawing Faye made me vomit everytime I saw it, which made it awkward at work. In my defense I was really tired and she was the last one I did. Long story short, I re-did the face (and fixed up a couple of other things I skimped out on in the name of sleep). Truth is though, I suck at drawing sexy females. I barely practise them either because I'm worried someone will assume I'm a pervert, so instead I draw a bunch of half dressed buff guys. But I think overanalyzing that issue can wait for another time :P.

Speaking of overanalyizing, Overthinking It finally did another installment of thier series on Cowboy Bebop just after I made this post. Go read it because it's incredibly insightful (or maybe watch the show first, that would probably help too). I don't know if his grand unified theory is correct, because I know nothing about French new wave, but he's spot on about CB's love affair with the past, except I'd go so far as to say it's a love/hate kind of deal. Once again, something I'd like to go on about sometime, but a) it takes time to write something up thats long, in depth and well researched and b) I'm worried I'm boring.

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