Thursday, June 10, 2010

Suspicious lack of robots.

Random scribble or my subconcious telling me I need to go to the doctor? You be the judge.

Speaking of judging, I was going to assess my performance so far this month, but I'm officially too tired for that right now, so instead, I'm just going to dot point stuff. Tell me if you think I'm missing something.

- I've done pretty well to actually post something everyday... I dont honestly think I'll be able to do the whole month, but we'll see.

- I REALLY need to work on either my speed, or not caring so much about the little sketches. I think so far (despite some of them turning out good) I've spent most of the night working on them, as opposed to the time limit I was aiming at before.

-My composition needs a lot of work. Every time I see that Daredevil/Wright pic from a few days ago I see a tiny Daredevil standing on Wright's arm...

- Need more colour, or say, at least tone.

- No man is a tank.

- Cryptic

- Sleep zzzzz

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