Monday, June 4, 2012

Are you John Connor?

I had intended this to be a full body shot, but holy crap you guys: So many lines, too little time. I may end up revisiting this later in the month to finish it up.

@Drew: Done. Be aware though that a robot Matt Preston would be designed with only two specifications in mind: Devouring everything in his path and cravats. He'd be like a massive classy Unicron.

@Aliesha: Exactly. Did you know that I was once mugged by two guys out the front of an orphanage as it suddenly caught fire? James Hollibot not only saved all the children in the orphanage but also used the muggers to put out the fire. Then he convinced the muggers to give up their life of crime and turn themselves in to the police. Then he gave me $50.


  1. Oh, I assume a robot matt preston would be exactly that. Maybe he throws Ultra paper towels as well, but that would be it.

    ALSO, we are battling over a prize winning roast chicken.

  2. Man, I didn't know that! James Hollibot is my hero.