Thursday, June 7, 2012

iDrew Vs. Matt Presbot: The Chickening.

The hardest part of this was trying to work out what Drew would look like. Obviously I had to make him like an Apple robot, but how? I couldn't think of what an Apple item with moving joints would look like for a start. Obviously sleek and white (RACIST) was a requirement, as was prominent logo placement. Hipster-ish glasses and scarf accessories add just enough personality while still letting other people see that yes, that is an Apple robot and yes, I have good taste. Then lastly, steal some elements from previous robots that kind of hit the mark and package them into one unit. Voila.

Further failed ideas:
- Multiple limbs aren't aesthetically pleasing, remove all of them and replace with one big limb in the middle of his chest (and a small limb on top for turning the robot on/off)
- Just like the Presbot, but with a prettier exterior and double the cost.
- Exactly like an iSketch, but four times the size.

I kid, I kid... If i was going to draw myself based on my computer I'd be covered in a gaudy combination of fans, neon backlights and LEDS.

Anyway... so... next?

1 comment:

  1. I would've drawn him as a common robot.

    I kid I kid, please don't hate me Drew.