Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And I would've gotten away with it, if not for those meddling kids...

Often as I'm walking down the street I'm approached by complete strangers who ask me completely out of nowhere: "Hey Gareth, what if you and your housemates were some kind of Hanna Barbera cartoon?"

Naturally my first response is of confusion. "Who are you?" and "How do you know my name?" are common replies. As are "Stop following me" and "Do you wanna come back to my place, since you seem to know where it is anyway?".

So, what if indeed?

Well I know if we were we'd lie somewhere on the less abstract side of the official "Hanna Barbera Line of cartoon detail". I may be a raging misogynist, but I'm no Fred Flintstone. My guess is we'd be more like Mystery Inc. from Scooby Doo. Sure, we don't have an animal sidekick, but we do solve mysteries on a weekly basis. Mysteries like "Who's turn is it to clean the bathroom?" and "Who left all the lights on and the backdoor open after leaving the house?". You know, the mysteries that matter.

I don't think we fall into the archetypes set by the original group. Sure, I'm sometimes mistaken for a stoner AND I used to have chin hair but I DON'T drive a van, for example. And none of us are swingers like Fred and Daphne,at least as far as I'm aware. What I do think I can do is round out what skills we all bring to the group:

Caitlin - Infiltration/Undercover work.
Sarah - Critical and logical thinking? Heh... Probably interrogation.
James - Legal reasoning and YELLING.
Gareth - General indifference. And Internet detectivery.

Anyway, this picture took SOOOOOO much longer than I was expecting. Even now I still wish I'd managed to do a good background. But really, it was getting so late and it's What If Wednesdays, not What If Thursdays. I may add in the background and some text and quietly slip it in later.

Speaking of quietly slipping it in later: I remember ages ago someone explained to me why Fred and Daphne were swingers (I think it was something to do with the neck scarves? Apparently back in the day that was swinger code for "Come get it, boys!") and also why Shaggy and Velma were habitual druggos (kinda obvious there). But what I didn't realise is how Daphne's always striking these Bettie Page style cheesecake poses all the time in promo pics. All suggestive hips and come hither eyes. No wonder we're a generation of deviants. Coincidentally, don't do a Google image search for Daphne Blake.

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