Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back into trouble again...

James Julius von Roekelschtab is from a game that will never be. I've really gotta sit down and work out names for some of these projects sometime. Naturally, this one doesn't have a proper name yet, So we'll just refer to it by my super secret code name 'Project Mute'. OK? OK.

JJVR is the son of European aristocrats and lived a charmed life up until a moment we've all been through: Teenage rebellion. JJVR's chosen practise of rebelling was to run away and join an art collective. His lack of respect for authority, ingrained (if undeserved) sense of entitlement and taste for the finer things eventually led him to theft. His natural charisma allowed him to manipulate other members of his collective into working together under the pretense of a "Crusade against the Rich". Soon enough, JJVR and his posse mimes (can't pin a crime against just one when everyone looks the same!) had progressed up from petty theft to outright murder, and JJVR became known as one of the worlds best hitmen.

JJ is also known to torture his victims with avant garde dance numbers and soliloquys before killing them.

This character is mostly inspired by the music of The Hives. Not in any meaningful way (well, maybe thier trademark "colourful idoicy") but definitely in regards to the themes in their music.

Particularly that one song about "being on my way" and then "stopping and doing somethin" and then "being on my way again" and then offending someone.

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