Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You could've been number one.

One day I've really gotta get around to finishing Starlight. Pretty much all the coding is done, I just need to get around to doing all the art and placing all the levels.

The main character is this guy, Mr. I'm-totally-spacing-on-his-name. I'm pretty sure it was some Muse reference though, just like everything else in this game. For instance, he's part of the military order of the Knights of Cydonia. He pilots a ship that has the universes only U.N.O. gun. There are also Super Massive Blackholes. Also revelations.

In other related news, my old sketching pen finally ran out of ink so I've been forced to move on to another one. It's a different brand and not as good in my humble opinion. I should've bought up big with the other pen, but I guess that's something to remember for the future. Furthermore last night I was well and truly wrecked so I rushed the colouring somewhat. Story over.

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