Monday, August 3, 2009

Motivational Monday?

To be honest, Tuesday is my Monday... And that's where I need to get motivated. But I'm going for alliteration here so it'll have to do. I was also thinking that I'd do these up has like a motivational poster, but it looked stupid, and I couldn't think of a good joke. Also tired. So instead, its just going to be fan art of characters/people and me prattling on about why I aspire to be them.

So today, it's Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series. Why? Well he's the ultimate bad-ass. But being a silent wall of death isn't why I'm a fan. He's a man, probably the biggest man in games. He's one of the more multidimensional characters ever. He's practical and a thinker. But most importantly, he carries on after everything has gone wrong. Even when the actions he's been ordered to do just mess up things more, he pushes on and get's it done. I aspire to have that kind of determination.

Also I have a weakness for redheads who could kick my ass.

On the picture: I was kind of happy with it when I was doing it, but looking back it doesn't seem as good. I've been having trouble with my computer (and everyone else's in the house too... Yay for being tech support) so when I get the chance I like to practice with my wacom and with colour, since those are the two things I've had the least practice with. I did it pretty hastily... but these things need to be done sometimes.

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