Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What If Wednesdays?

What if the X-men were all hipsters, oppressed by the rest of humanity for their taste in clothes, musical taste, and general unwarranted elitism? I ask the tough questions.

So hopefully the lineup here should be pretty obvious, otherwise I've totally failed. If you're having a tough time, this is definitely a pre-Morrison team. One of them may be a challenge.

Once again, I was practising with my stylus, this time more line-art/inking kinda of stuff. Originally they were just going to be generic hipster rip-offs in the style of Scott Pilgrim, but my reluctance to check source material and resemblence of the front guy to Wolverine made me head down this path.

But the most important part: what would their power music be?

Wolverine - Old school rock and punk, maybe something like Iggy Pop and the Stooges, since he would've been around at the time.

Cyclops - Some kind of Ska band, Maybe Reel Big Fish or the Aquabats. Because he's a dork.

Gambit - Motorhead (Ace of Spades!). Or Kenny Rogers, just for "The Gambler".

Psylocke - Something emo, but like... serious emo.

Jean Grey - Tegan and Sara. No reason. Or Belle and Sebastion.

Colossus - Metal. Duh.

Nightcrawler - German industrial. And Kraftwerk.

Rogue - Rilo Kiley. Or the Long Blondes.

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