Tuesday, September 15, 2009

But let's not deviate from the plan too much...

So just because nights are WIP time, doesn't mean the train rides are too. The rub is that I'm not going to do any colouring on this one. Rough rough sketch it is. On a side note, I know a crappy carpenter blames his tools, but the new pens I brough aren't that great :(. I'll have to keep trying new ones and buy up big when I find good ones again.

But enough of that. To the left is "The Baron", main (silent) antagonist of "Johnny Lovebaby buys the farm". He has a moustache because a) he's a moustache twirling villain (which let's face it: it's the only kind of villain worth being) and b) because he's a connesuir of 70's pornography.

The Baron is the big bad that's put Johnny in the position he's in for the majority of the story. He's the head of a large mob family, but mostly rides the coat tails of his father's previous success. As a result, he has little knowledge of how to run the family business, and spends most of his time satisfying morbid curiosities.

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